CUBES is innovative due to a series of grounds:

  • It recognises the need for more people-driven solutions and people-centred delivery policies since in the CUBES context the community members are assigned the protagonist role in cultural administration and sustainable development of their communities.
  • It supports “bottom-up” approaches regarding the sustainable administration of cultural resources, emphasising on the participation of local stakeholders and communities. Particularly, CUBES targets multiple profiles and needs within the context of communities, recognising the value of various tiers of society in the sustainable use of cultural assets. Accordingly, CUBES aims to empower different stakeholders –including people, foundations, NGOs, local authorities, etc.- through specific and enriched capacity building actions.
  • It promotes the practice of assigning to specific members of the community the role of mentor and guide, as an innovative element with a great transferability potential.
  • It combines the best knowledge, skills and attitudes on supporting different populations in the field of adult training online platforms, which are provided through sophisticated ICT tools and deploy the latest evolutions in educational technology. This is a strong element of innovation as CUBES exploits fully the opportunities of digitisation in education and applies all the ‘attractive’ channels and effective methods of training with and in ICT.
  • It presents innovation characteristics, as it targets multiple profiles and needs within the context of communities – as each community presents its own cultural resources commitment.
  • It builds on well-structured knowledge and expertise covering a wide range of
  • the policies, challenges and opportunities for local communities and their cultural administration capacity,
  • sustainable development,
  • enhacement of local economy,
  • 'manipulation' of tradition, nature, characteristics, tourism,
  • identification of emerginf risks (in a spectrum from social to environmental) and effective solutions. This approach endows the whole venture with particular significance as well as with global value in regards to the curriculum content and the mentoring force of the "Boosters".
  • So far it is the only project involving and connecting a range of partners characterised by geographical and cultural diversity, including partners from Lithuania, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and France.
  • Since culture is a source of knowledge and innovation that stimulates inspiration and entrepreneurship, CUBES is designed to progress based on a well-structured model, that is smart, adaptable, sustainable and inspirational, aiming at long-term benefits beginning from the local communities and expanding to wider levels.