CUBES’s main objectives are:

  • To empower local communities in the participating countries with knowledge and awareness on significant aspects of cultural administration and sustainable development.
  • To provide target groups with necessary knowledge so that they can act as “Boosters”, namely, as access point-role mentors in their local communities, taking up the responsibility of informing, guiding and mentoring other members of their respective communities in contemporary issues of sustainable cultural management.
  • To give the chance particularly to the youth and the women of these local communities to take the lead and become ‘Boosters’ in their communities.
  • To capitalise on the opportunities offered by ICT and digitise the quality of learning content as a driver for systematic change in cultural administration and sustainability, increasing the quality of training.
  • To create and deliver innovative products and training digital tools -as learning resources tailored according to existing needs– based on differentiation methodologies and up-to-date adult education approaches.